San Francisco, CA


Professional Digital Artist with broad experience in animation and the computer gaming fields. Particularly interested in concept art, and illustration opportunities.


                            Adobe Photoshop                                                     Concept art and development AdobeAftereffects                                                    Illustration
                            Adobe Flash                                                              Flash/After Effects Animation
                     Adobe Illustrator                                                        Icon and graphic design


Marketing Artist, 06/2015 to 08/2016

Playstudios - Burlingame, ca
        •  Conceptualized and illustrated high-ress character and marketing assets.
        •  Designed High-end Illustrations for social networks and company website.
        •  Consistently met schedules and deadlines for all games
        •  Created animated emails and cinemagraphs.
        • Painted and designed high-ress images for print on Bill boards, Bus banners, T-shirts...


Concept Artist, 10/2010 to 08/2014

Kixeye - San Francisco, ca

                  •  Conceptualized and illustrated game assets, characters, props, and icons.
                  •  Designed High-end Illustration for marketing art.
                  •  Consistently met schedules and deadlines for all illustration and concept projects.
                  •  Animated pre-vis elements for tutorial pitches as well as final game intros for A-Btesting


Flash Animator, 08/2010 to 09/2010

Metamoki Inc - San Francisco, ca

  •  Animated UI and in-game ambient animations improving the overall user experience in flash.


2D Artist/Animator, 11/2009 to 06/2010

Digital Chocolate - San Mateo, ca

  •  Animated UI effects and Ambient in-game Animations
  •  Conceptualized and illustrated game assets, props and icons.


Flash Animator, 03/2009 to 06/2009

 Sonic Jam Inc- San Francisco, ca

              • Animated characters and Effects on several multi-character scenes
              •  Designed assets essential to animation when needed to fit exciting style.



Bachelor of Sciences: Media Arts and Animation, 12 2008

The Art Institute of California - San Francisco - San Francisco, C A, United States